About Us

Welcome to TimmyZzz, 

My name is Timmy Zach and I want to tell you all about the amazing benefits my newly invented product has for you, but before I want to tell you a little about me and why I got the idea to have such a device manufactured. 

My father has been manufacturing, marketing and selling PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy) devices for more then 25 years. My parents allowed me to do home schooling and therefore I was overhearing many phone conversations from my father and his PEMF clients. I learned about the many benefits of using my father’s PEMF device, but what inspired me even more was the fact that almost all his clients said: 

"...and by the way, since I have been using the PEMF device, I SLEEP MUCH BETTER AND I’M REALLY RESTED WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING”. 

When I heard this I asked my father why he doesn't make a pillow that uses PEMF technology. I asked him if he can put it into my own natural latex sleeping pillow, and also if he could manufacture them for me in order to start my own business with them. 

I have been sleeping on a natural latex pillows for many, many years because my mother, since my father started his PEMF business, also became very health orientated and started researching healthy diets, and also pillows and mattresses. She found out that in most memory foam pillows there are a lot of toxins which evaporate at night and we breath them in while we sleep. So she kept researching until she found out that only 100% natural organic latex pillows are healthy. They also are proven to keep away bed bugs, which most people are not even aware that they exist. 

Finally, after a few months my father asked his technicians back in Europe to build a PEMF pillow. He even found a great factory in Thailand which is one of the few companies who manufacture and sell 100% natural latex pillows (not to be confused with the natural pillows with maybe 10% natural latex and the rest foam and toxic chemicals). The owner of the factory was very excited to hear about the technology and already made a deal to offer it to his big wholesalers. 

Please enjoy reading the rest of the website to find out why you will love sleeping on the pillow with the most health benefits. 



 Timmy Zach